WOW facial


The WOW facial incorporates a complete hour of

skin indulgence.

Double cleanse -  to ensure all make up is removed.

Skin Peel - specific to your skin type and needs.

Mesotherapy - a unique cocktail of HA, vitamins and anti-aging serums placed under the skin using 24 gold plated needles.

Face Mask - to nourish the face

 UV Light therapy to heal and promote collagen


This amazing treatment will take approximately an hour and leave your skin feeling hydrated and rejuvenized.

Model's Lower Face

WOW Fusion - Benefits.

Wow fusion is a gentle form of mesotherapy using an individual cocktail of serums and Toxin to hydrate and nourish the skin.

 It is Suitable for fine lines, pigmentation, dry skin and problematic skin.


  • Creates shape and volume

  • Reduces Marionnettes down turned mouth

  • Reduces Nasolabial mouth to nose lines

  • Reduces Peri oral smokers lines

  • Can be used in Cheeks for volume

  • Can be used on Hands for rejuvenation