Skin Issues

Acne Treatments


Acne is treated using IPL with different filters to target the P bacteria and enlarged pores. The skin is cleansed and prepared prior to treatment.

Light is pulsed over the problem area, this may help destroy the bacteria. The treament is not painful and are required 2-4 weeks apart and a course of 6 is recommended.

Follwed by UV light therapy to calm the skin.

Can be used on active acne.

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Rosacea Treatments


Rosacea treatments are varied and tailored to the individual, often requiring several methods.  A very fine needle maybe inserted into any broken or visible thread veins and a small electrical current is passed  to cauterise the capillaries.

IPL maybe used to manage the flushing to the cheeks.


Recent research has shown that minute amounts of toxin may help reduce redness and appearance of capillaries. We do offer this treatment in the form of Mesotherapy. Please ask for more information.

Cryotherapy - cryopen


The use of nitrous oxide at -89C to freeze selective areas. great for skin tags, pigmentation, verrucas, age spots, milia and warts. 

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Thread Veins


Visible thread veins on cauterised using electrolysis. A fine needle in placed into the vessel and a small electrical current is passed through to cauterise the vein. An application of numbing cream is used prior to treatment.

Skin tags and warts


Thermology is the use of a short wave electrical current to cauterise capillaries remove skin tags, red spots and milia from the face or body. Safe and effective

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