One of our most popular treatments


Dermaplaning treatment involves gently scraping a scalpel along the surface of the skin. The sterile blade is used to gently scape off the dead skin cells in addition to removing the soft vellus facial hair. This will leave the skin smooth and fresh feeling, make up and creams will glide on.


The treatment is superficial and will not bleed, no downtime required.

Unsuitable if you suffer from pustular acne, eczema, rosacea or active cold sores.


There two treatment options:

  • 30 mins express - cleanse, dermaplane and hydrate. £30

  • 45 mins deluxe - cleanse, dermaplane, hydration mask, UV light therapy and hydrating cream. £45


 Medical Skin Peels


We offer three different types of skin peels to suit all skin types.


Wow Clarifying peel - for oily, mixed and acne prone skin. reduces pore size and excess sebum. Our deepest peel.


Wow Brightening peel - to reduce pigmentation and even skin tone.


Glycolic acid 40% - for exfoliation, moisture retention, hydration and general skin health.